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Family and Friends reunion 2016

The 2nd Viscount Rochdale, passed away in February 2015. His eldest son and heir Jonathan inherited the family titles and at his father’s funeral made  an unofficial speech.

On 31st March 2016, Jonathan, now the current and 3rd Viscount Rochdale held a reunion for family and friends at their old family home, Lingholm, Keswick, Cumbria.

The party was a great success with about 75 guests attending, including many families, estate specialists and individual artisans who were the cornerstone in helping the Kemp family run the estate over the years.

Two speeches

Viscount Jonathan Rochdale made one of the two speeches and gave his toast ‘to fond memories’. Jonathan’s speech can be read here

The second speech below was made by his godfather Charles Swallow, who was also best man at his mother and father’s wedding.

The Secret Entertainer

Unknown to the guests,there was a ‘secret entertainer’. Greg Tassell is a fine opera singer and includes a little twist in his repertoire!

Viscount Rochdale’s speech
Charles Swallow’s speech
Greg Tassell, the secret entertainer